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  You've decided to get rid of all your unnecessary junk.  What next?  Rent a dumpster. Why rent a dumpster?  Because it'll be delivered where you want it and then when you've filled it according to city and dumpster rental guidelines, the rental company will come get it and dispose of the contents for you.  Easy peasy!
   It's very important, when renting a dumpster, to get the right size for the amount of clutter, garbage, debris, and everything else you want to get rid of.  Not only will this ensure getting a dumpster large enough for the items, but it will also help you pick out a dumpster that's not larger than what you need. This is more cost effective in the long run. 
The following are some approximate sizes of most dumpsters:
  • A 5 yard dumpster is approximately 10-13 ft long and 4-6 ft wide with sides 2 feet high and will hold about 30-35 gallon-size cans.
  • A 10 yard dumpster is approximately 10-13 ft long and 6-8 ft wide with sides 2-3.5 feet high and will hold about 3 pickup-size truck loads.
  • A 15 yard dumpster is approximately 10-13 ft long and 8 ft wide with sides 3.5 feet high and will hold about 4.5 pickup-sze truck loads.
  • A 20 yard dumpster is approximately 20-22 ft long and 8 ft wide with 3.5-4 feet high sides and will hold about 6 pickup-size truck loads.
  • A 30 yard dumpster is approximately 20-22 ft long and 8 ft wide with 5 ft high sides and will hold about 9 pickup-size truck loads.
  • A 40 yard dumpster is approximately 20-22 ft long and 8 ft wide with the sides about 6-7 feet high and will hold about 12 pickup-size truck loads.
Visit https://www.dumpstersareus.com for dumpster rental in metro Atlanta, GA or https://www.dumpstersareusofSavannah.com for dumpster rental in the Savannah, GA area.
Remember to always ask the dumpster rental company about city regulations for placement of a dumpster and what can and can't be put in a dumpster, or you can go to your local city's website for more information. 
You can check out Atlanta's rules and regs here:  

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​   Have you seen the reality TV shows about hoarding? How do feel when you see all the junk in the homes and/or yards? Stress? Negative? Anxious? Disbelief?
   Just wait! There is a bright ending most of the time. If you can stand to watch to the end of the episode, the house, and just maybe the yard, are both clutter free, deep cleaned, and all is right with the world again.
   Isn't that how you feel when you see your own clutter? Whether it's a small job, or a huge job, you feel stress, chaos, and an inability to focus on where to start the clean up, and sometimes feel you're at your wit's end.
   Clutter takes away valuable space you could be utilizing. Space you probably haven't been able get to for a long time. By removing the clutter, you can finally use those things you looked everywhere for but couldn't find. The things you actually needed were hidden away in all the junk. Hey! there's that golf club! Where'd that Barbie come from?
   Clutter takes away from the value of your home, garage, warehouse, shed, barn, and more. There could be dampness you don't know about amid all the clutter, but you can't see it because it's hidden. Damage from mold, rot, and mildew occur when that happens. Clutter also invites….rodents. Ew.
   The great side of all of this is that organizing a clean-up of all the unneeded things can really create positive space and feelings. Set aside a weekend.  Write a list, if necessary, of all the items you absolutely don't need, don't want, or can't stand, and toss them! Get rid of the junk! Then, you can reorganize those areas hidden by junk and find things again. You can create smart storage areas. You'll have more time for the important things in life because you won't be searching for hours for that one important thing you can never find.
   Meritage Medical Network states: "Organizing your home and clearing clutter does a lot more than just make it look clean. It can lower your stress levels, help you eat and sleep better, and make you more productive. Plus, it can help clear your mind and give you the energy you need to get through the day."
Clearing Clutter: The Benefits of an Organized Life… meritagemed.com/clear-clutter/
Contact Atlanta Metro Dumpsters Are Us at http://www.Dumpstersareus.com for help with your clutter.